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LV Platinum Membership


Living Vintage Platinum

New Platinum Membership Tier Gives You Exclusive Access To Living Vintage, Platinum-Member Only Discounts and 24/7 Access To All LV Workshops!

Best Part: Platinum Members Can Earn Rewards Points On Each Purchase. More Points = More Rewards = More LV!!

A few months ago, our team decided it was time to overhaul of beloved Membership program.  Our customers have loved the early bird access and discounts their membership granted them, but most of those perks were centered around our Reveals or special events.

We decided that it was time for us to "up our game" and get our Members these special perks each and every time they came to LV!  Why wait for a Reveal or special event to tell you how much we love you?

After weeks and weeks of discussions and debate, the LV Platinum program was born!  We think you're really going to love it.  Never before have we put together all these discounts, rewards and perks into one program!

Here's everything you'll get as an LV Platinum Member:

  • All LV Gold Perks
    (Early bird Reveal access, member-only Reveal discounts, Member Appreciation Day)

  • 15% Off All LV Workshops
    All Platinum Members are eligible for 15% off our brand-new workshops.  These could include Fusion Mineral Paint workshops, kids workshops, DIY projects, Girls Night Out workshops and more! Checkout our workshop schedule here.

  • 15% Off All Furniture Transformation Services
    Platinum Members can also receive 15% off all Furniture Transformation Services.  Have a beautiful old dresser that needs a little new life breathed into it?  LV can help!  Find out more about or Furniture Transformation Services here...

  • 5% Off All LV-Brand Home Decor & Accessories... 365 Days a Year!
    No need to wait for a Reveal to get a discount on some of our great LV home decor and accessories.  Simply look for the special "LV Brand" sticker on each item to receive your Platinum discount!

  • LV Rewards
    For every dollar you spend at LV, you will receive 10 rewards points.  Redeem 1000 rewards points for $5.00 off your next purchase.  You can even bank your rewards for future purchases.

  • Double & Triple Rewards Points Days
    Platinum Members will be eligible for double and triple rewards points days, scattered throughout the year.

  • Birthday Rewards
    Make sure to include your birthday and we'll give you 2000 rewards points as our way of saying, "Happy Birthday!"

  • Digital Workshop Archive*
    Not able to make it to one of our workshops?  No problem!  All LV Platinum Members will have 24/7 access to our growing selection of workshops.  It's perfect if you just need a refresher on one technique when you're working on a Fusion Mineral Paint project.  

  • Platinum-Only Content & DIY Tips*
    You will also receive access to the Platinum-Only section of our website where we will host all kinds of special articles and tips keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends in the vintage home decor world!

So by now I'm sure you're asking yourself...

"How Can LV Offer All These Platinum Perks?" 

Well, the answer is simple...  We have experienced exponential growth of our store over the last 3 years.  So much growth that it's been a little hard to keep up.  Quadrupling our size costs a lot of money!  We are constantly looking for brand-new lines of home decor and accessories, as well as expanding to bring in even more vendors and consignors.  To do this... we need a little more funding.

Instead of borrowing from the banks and paying high interest, we thought we'd ask for your help.  Why not let our favorite customers join a premium membership program like LV Platinum for a reasonable fee and then let them double or triple (or more) their money in all kinds of discounts, rewards and special perks.  We'd much rather pay you than the banks!

 We've decided to offer a couple different ways for you to join LV Platinum:

Good Deal:  Join today and get instant-access to all of these great LV Platinum perks for just $6.99/month.  You will instantly start receiving your special discounts and earning rewards!  Your credit card will be charged every 30 days and you can cancel any time.

Best Deal:  Signup for a yearly membership and we'll instantly give you 29% off LV Platinum!  Just pay $59.99 today and you'll get your LV Platinum priced "locked in" for a whole year!  And each year your membership will renew at the discount priced... no matter what the retail price is!

I'm sure you'll see how quickly you could double or triple your money in discounts and rewards at LV!  (Heck, some of you might even do it within the first month... or even week!)

Ready to get started?  Here's how to "go Platinum" with LV right now...


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