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Front Porch Bliss

Everyone dreams of having a comfortable & cozy, yet outrageously beautiful farmhouse front porch where family and friends gather or becomes your very own sanctuary when you curl up on a Sunday afternoon, sipping a cold glass of lemonade, reading a good book!

Whether it be vintage, industrial or the contemporary side of farmhouse, with a few wise choices and a couple bucks you can transform your very own front porch into the farmhouse oasis of your dreams!  The following tips will help you lay the ground work for an at home, laid back, relaxing spring & summer retreat like you have never experienced before! 

1.  Spruce Up The Furniture
Freshening up your seating is the first step in paving the way for your new farmhouse porch. Nothing screams farmhouse more than a neutral palette of white, gray or a fresh linen color!

 2.  Bring In The Comfy
With the backdrop of your new neutral pallet, add some texture with lots of pillows and cushions. Grain sack and ticking material is my all-time go to. I love the simplistic yet totally farmhouse feel it brings to your space as you layer the look.

3. The Unexpected
Think about a piece that you could utilize for an “unexpected”creative element on your front porch. This could be an old wagon for a coffee table, a weathered potting bench or a galvanized garbage can turned upside down for a side table. Think outside of the box and be creatively you!

4.  Welcome The Season With Your Front Door
Painting your front door is an inexpensive way to add some charm.  Darker colors are classy and can really compliment the farmhouse look. A midnight blue is absolutely gorgeous. A “hello” or “welcome home” stencil on the door adds a bit of charm. 

5. Outdoor Rug
Pump up the neutral pallet with a colorful outdoor rug that isn’t too loud for the space. This will pull your seating area together and add to the comfy feeling. To save some money, stencil a pattern onto the floor to mirror a rug. This adds extreme charm and gives a custom feeling. Add a few extra coordinating pillows to match the rug which will pull it all together. Don’t forget a few blankets for the more chilly evenings!

6. Chalkboards And Signs
Large porch signs or a chalkboard can add a personalized touch. Black and white work the best as they are easy to see and read. There is a dozen of fun and welcoming sayings today, just pick one you love, or customize your own. Whatever you choose will add to your space.

7. Curtains
Billowing sheer curtains from a light warm breeze sets the stage for an intimate conversation on a lazy afternoon. They provide some privacy and soften up the space.

8. Bedding Plants And Greens
The crown jewel of all in your decorating plans for your front porch should always be the flowers and the greens!  It brings life, color and old world charm. Fill galvanized buckets, boxes, milk cans, pop crates with potting soil and plant away!

Now is the perfect time to redo your Front Porch so you have plenty of time to enjoy during the warm months.  And we can easily transition to late summer and fall with just a few minor tweaks!

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