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Easter Table Decorating 101

There is nothing that LV is more passionate about than assisting YOU in creating warm, comfortable, and beautiful surroundings that make you happy and excited to call your HOME! 

Are we not all ready for spring?  This winter in Iowa has been tough and long!   My heart faints when I see the forsythia bush burst into color, or the crocus popping their eager heads up through the dirt that so long awaited their appearing , or the daffodils, tulips, and lilacs!  Or the first robin!  Everyone in Iowa awaits her return!

However, I do not wait for nature to declare spring…I do so in my HOME way before the first signs outdoors appear! Spring appears early in the Jennings home!  Early February it transforms from winter into the hope of spring!

There is no other more intimately special space in your home where laughter and heartfelt conversation transpire than in your Dining Room!  Memories are made here, traditions can abound, and Easter comes quickly!

The following you will find how LV approaches designing their Easter tables.  Our tips and inspiration will hopefully help you, our Beloved Members and customers, set your Dining Room table this spring!

Start With An Heirloom

Let’s face it…a longing of yesteryear resides quietly within all of us!  We long for the “good ol' days” where things we just a bit more simplistic and families were formed.  Your family and friends will look forward to seeing your treasures each season.  Thus…your personal traditions begin!   Your heirloom can be something very big or something small.  Grandma’s dish set, a pair of salt & peppers, an old baking bowl, or for me…my Great Grandma’s plain glass Celery Dish. 

Tip:  If you don’t have an heirloom, don’t fret…you can begin one of your own!  Bring this piece, or pieces, out each spring/Easter season! 

Your Base

Your base is your foundation.  It kicks off everything else that will happen on your table.  Your base is the tablecloth, runner, or tray that you might choose.  It is definitely not necessary, (sometimes, I choose to leave the tabletop bare and bring my theme in elsewhere); however, it does bring in softness and texture if you will not be using other textiles!

Tip:  Oftentimes this sets the stage for color, theme and whatever else you will choose to accent your table with. Be sure your linens are pressed and have good fold lines and are not soiled with stains.  (Unless pretty tea stained lace of course paired with some pretty ironstone!)

Place Settings

For Easter, I love the burst of color, whether it is light & airy or a burst of color.  Whatever you choose let it scream you!

For this year’s table I have chosen to use my everyday white ware.  (I am obsessed with it! Ironstone pitchers, platters, etc.!)  To bring in some color I will stack the place settings with pretty china that I have picked up at an estate sale to include a pretty tea cup on the top with a few Easter eggs inside!

Napkins & Silverware

Napkins can be either cloth or paper.  You can fold them in a basket, do a pretty fold on top of your place setting, or place them under your place setting.  This is your choice!  Be creative and go for it.  I love to fancy fold the napkin with the silverware inside.  Add special touches like a sprig of mint, some tiny posies, and a paper doily to wrap with the cloth napkin!  This shows your guests that you are thinking of them and taking the time to make their day special! 

Tip:  For a more casual setting, you could place your silverware in a vertical vase that the silverware can be stacked in.  Super cute!


This is your opportunity to shine!  Think big!  Step out of your comfort zone! 

A few ideas:

  • An extra-large vase with fresh or silk flowers
  • A galvanized watering can filled with spring tulips! (Don’t worry about the rust or imperfections!)
  • A tiered tray filled with small greenery, flowers, extra cups, a bunny or bird or two, a small Easter or welcome sign, salt and pepper shakers, or anything you love!
  • Additional serving pieces
  • Terrariums, a glass cloche with birds, bunnies, or a terra cotta pot with flowers underneath!
  • CANDLES!!!  Did I say Candles?  Candle Holders with either candles or something pretty on top of them!  This could be a pot of greenery, a terra cotta pot with flowers, a gazing ball, etc.  If you choose this route, put your pillars on the table…everywhere!

Tips:  Be sure to use different heights.  Your main Centerpiece should be the tallest!  Add to it in lower heights on each side!

Hanging Lighting

If you do have hanging lighting over your table make it a part of your decorating theme!  Strategically drape it with some spring greenery!  Drop some Easter eggs from it with fishing line!  Oh so pretty!

Hopefully this has given you a little inspiration to a start in creating your Easter Dining Table.  Be you and be creative!  Send us pictures of what you have done!  Now go…have fun!  Make some lasting memories!

-- Robin Jennings

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