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Dining In Your Green Space

If you are in the camp of those that don’t have a large enough deck or patio to host an outdoor dinner party... don’t fret!  Nobody will notice your lack of space when you set up your spring or summer dinner party in the grassy area of your backyard!  It’s absolutely beautiful, intimate, and stunning!  

Here are a few tips to help you to do so.

1.  The Table
Whether carrying your indoor table outside, or choosing a classic picnic table, this will rightly serve as your focal point for your amazing dinner party. If you have a large tree consider yourself blessed!  Place the table underneath and let the decorating fun begin!  

2.  Linens And Pillows
A linen or crocheted tablecloth would be pretty paired with a significantly smaller sized print laid over the top. White linen napkins will put the frosting on the cake.  

Provide your guests with pillows on all the dining chairs to allow lingering and relaxing after dinner. Tie big pretty bows on the backs of the chairs with a complimentary wired ribbon and place a long stemmed flower in the center-of the bow. Your guests will ooh and ahh over its beauty!

3.  Dinnerware
Set an unforgettable table by bringing your China and silverware outside!  This tells your guests that you want to go over the top to make them feel welcome and special. A pretty fresh floral arrangement in the center of the table that matches the flowers tucked in the bow on the chairs. Several candle holders and candles will be all you need to set the ambiance for the evening!

4. Lighting
Hang white Christmas lights in the branches of the trees while letting some of the strands to hang low. This will feel festive and fun!  If you have a chandelier, drop it from a branch to hang it low over the table. You can purchase one at your local Habitat for Humanity store for relatively cheap. Place LED battery operated candles or votives where the lightbulbs would normally be. Don’t forget to turn on the tree lights and light all the candles, right before your guests arrive!

5.  A Little Fun
Hang a porch swing from an adjacent tree branch. Pop with a bit more vibrant colored pillows than those on the dining chairs. Don’t forget to add a couple blankets for cuddling. If you don’t have a porch swing hang a regular swing or tire!

6. Beverage Table
Every dinner party needs a beverage table. For this venue try a couple of galvanized treasure cans and span a large door between the two. This is perfect for your outdoor beverage bar. Don’t forget a few pretty decorations to complete the look!  

Have fun and pretty it up!  Your guests will never forget your thoughtfulness.  And the extra work you put into the party to make their evening enjoyable!


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